Planned Parenthood of Decatur

Planned Parenthood of Decatur

Medical Services: Birth control services available by appointment. Complete physical exams including screenings for breast and cervical cancer and STDs. Routine lab tests include: red blood cell count, blood pressure, urinalysis, and sickle cell.

Counseling Services: Strive to educate and inform clients of all available options. Counseling services include nutrition, weight control, sterilization (male and female), infertility, unplanned pregnancy, methods of birth control, and parent-child relationships.

Education: Programs available for parents, schools, churches, and community groups on a wide variety of topics.

Services: Medical screenings, services, and evaluations for women not in need of birth control.

Lab tests: Pap smears and urinalysis. Referrals given for mammograms. Diabetes and cholesterol screenings offered. Osteoporosis and cardiovascular prevention education given. Physical exams completed by Nurse Practitioners and/or physicians.

Fee based on ability to pay. There is no minimum requirement for medical services.

3021 North Oakland
Decatur, IL