At igrow, we make sure children from birth to age five have what they need for a great start at a happy, healthy life. Through our home visiting services and community partnerships, we connect expectant parents and new families to the resources they need for their children to flourish at home and school.

It takes a village. igrow works together with partners in Macon County to ensure that child care, food, clothing, transportation, healthcare and counseling needs are met for all families. Home visitors refer parents to local agencies and organizations that can further assist with specific needs.

What is home visiting?

Home visiting is a voluntary program where home visitors work with parents on practical parenting skills and family bonding before birth and as children grow. Trained professionals support and coach families based on their needs and schedules. The prenatal period and the first years of life are a critical time for development that lay the foundation for future success.

Home visiting…

  • …promotes family self-sufficiency
  • …has a positive effect on parenting
  • …reduces child maltreatment
  • …increases kindergarten readiness